The First Post

This site,, is intended for publishing blog posts from Architech that relate to SIPA Platform – news articles, informations, mind dumps and such.

We will also publish articles on new development,  infrastructure, current and future plans. This will also be the place to comment on such topics and let your self be heard. Maybe we will include a forum on this pages, but currently we will integrate forum on as it is intended that this will serve as a information hub for the platform.

Future articles will provide insight into platform architecture design and plans on future upgrades. One of the topics will be the idea behind this platform and how it will be organised, what can you do on the platform and what we want you to do on the platform.

Some time ago, I’ve started creating a mind map for the platform and you can see it below. It is not as nearly complex but it will continue to grow. If you like to be included in the design of the mind map please let me know.

Registracija na platformi

Svi koji žele sudjelovati, isprobati i koristiti platformu mogu se besplatno registrirati.

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